the aspen princess

The original Princess drawing by Eric Segel.

“The Princess’s Palate” was originally conceptualized as a foodie column Ali pitched for The Aspen Times when she first landed back in Colorado in February, 2002. The word “palate” was intended to connote Ali’s tastes in all things Aspen. She wanted to write reviews of restaurants, bars, and events, but that didn’t fly.

“It’ll piss off our advertisers,” said former editor Mike Hagan.

He convinced her to take a different tact, though to this day she has no real memory of the conversation or what that direction was, exactly.

So she took it her own way, writing about whateverthefuck she wanted to write about. And no one tried to stop her. In the beginning, “The Princess” was more of a persona, with a certain edgy, cheeky tone that was separate from Ali’s true personality. Over time, the two inevitably melded.

At one point Ali asked Hagan if she could change the name of the column to “The Aspen Princess,” but he said he liked the name. So it stayed. Hagan, on the other hand, was let go in 2005 and has been sorely missed ever since.

Over time, “The Princess’s Palate” evolved into what it is today: a rant, a funny rant, about Ali’s life in Aspen. Every week for almost ten years, she has documented her life with honesty, candor, and one hell of a sense of humor. Described by her Dad as “Seinfeldesque” it is Ali’s ability to draw on real life in a self-deprecating and honest way that has garnered her a loyal following, both in Aspen and worldwide.

For the first six months, Ali wrote the column for no pay as a “trial period.” Eventually her salary was 120 times bigger, until it was cut in half a few years ago because the paper was struggling. Because everyone wants to know, we’ll tell you: she makes a measly 60 bucks a column.

While we try to figure out a way to archive over 400 columns in the complete portfolio, the best way to check in with the Princess for updated links to column is to visit her on Facebook.

In the meantime, we’ll keep you up to date with some behind the scenes stuff, photos, and sources of inspiration. Yes, the book and movie are in the works.

The Princess thanks you for your continued support.

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ashley November 22, 2011 at 4:38 am

You are so adorable. Love the new website Mrs. Margo, how is married life?


Bobby April 4, 2015 at 7:23 pm

Try making a paleo zuicnchi bread. The one I made uses 6 eggs and a 1/2 cup of coconut flour, along with other yummies. Its almost like eating a custard, it is so light and delicious!I am going to make these cupcakes for a going away party that I am throwing in a week. Yahoo!


Suzie Weiss August 23, 2015 at 12:25 am

Ali ,
Miss receiving your articles – you make life funny & happy
always look @ the bright side …


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